Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Langdell's comeuppance

Courtesy of Chaos Edge, this little gem should please anybody following the professional patent troll saga that is "Dr" Tim Langdell.

Quoth the judge:

"...given the suspect nature of Dr. Langdell’s representations to both the USPTO and the Court concerning plaintiff’s current and future sales and business activities, it is an open question whether plaintiff’s business activities legitimately extend beyond trolling various gaming-related industries for licensing opportunities."

First use of the word 'trolling' in a legal document? Fantastic.

It's a shame that it took the bottomless coffers of EA's legal team to shut this fool up, and that an innocent and talented indie was powerless to fight it. I'm not sure how "Dr." Langdell could have been so stupid as to take on EA, but I'm glad that the bigger bully in the playground ROTFL-stomped him.

Hopefully now somebody will follow up all the fraud allegations and put this gentleman out of commission permanently.