Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monk Build: WoH Ninja

This is Monk build designed for PvP that works well in RA, TA and Alliance Battles (AB). The build has everything a monk needs and has proven extremely effective for myself in obtaining my gladiator titles.

Template Code: OwcT0Yo+RSjoB0fICECklQgpBCA

Divine Favor: 11 (10+1)
Healing Prayers: 16 (12+4)
Shadow Arts: 8

Word of Healing [Elite] (Healing Prayers)
Patient Spirit (Healing Prayers)
Vigorous Spirit (Healing Prayers)
Spotless Soul (Healing Prayers)
Spotless Mind (Healing Prayers)
Contemplation of Purity (Divine Favor)
Return (Shadow Arts)
Dark Escape (Shadow Arts)

This is a high powered healing build with a large amount of cheap condition and hex removal. 'Spotless Soul' will remove 7 conditions and 'Spotless Mind' removes 4 hexes, each for the cost of 5 energy with a quarter second cast (works over a period of 19 seconds). 'Contemplation of Purity' (CoP) is your only self condition and hex removal, so be sure to use it wisely. Always keep 'Vigorous Spirit' on yourself at all times. It will keep your health up during degen and provide a cheap enchant for CoP to remove. Use 'Patient Spirit' as an extra enchant to CoP off, and it will heal you for 126 health as well. 'Return' is an extremely effective way to get out of heavy melee and other tricky situations. Use 'Dark Escape' if you being spiked or taking heavy damage. It will provide you with some time to get back on your feet. The rest of the time, just use Word of Healing (WoH) to keep everyone's health high. The best part about this build is that all your spells except WoH are a quarter second cast, which is extremely helpful versus interrupters.

I use a +5 energy sword with a 20% enchant bonus on it and a HSR +30 healing focus. The important thing is the 20% enchant bonus because it means Spotless Soul and Mind remove an additional condition and hex. For extra health you can run Survivor's insignias with a major or minor healing rune. I prefer Blessed insignias with an expert healing rune. A 'Recovery' rune is also handy to have on your armour to reduce daze and deep wound.

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