Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Commitment issues

I used to worry about whether XXX MMO would offer "enough" "endgame" "content" (whatever those words mean).

These days I mostly... don't care. I don't feel anymore that I need to assess a new MMO the way I would a potential mate, and make sure that we have a '5 year plan' together. The relationships that I pursue have become of a more casual nature and I seem to have much more fun this way. Maybe once a year I find a new one that adds itself to the permanent roster, but such relationships are not exclusive - the lass in question finds herself instead part of a gaming harem, a bevy of beauties that are at my beck and call. On the other hand if she shows herself to be the "high maintenance" variety that demands my attention to the exclusion of all others, she will find herself discarded by the roadside rather quickly.


Andrew said...

I call that "healthy".

Sage said...

If a game requires you to play it at the exclusion of everything else, and can't handle that you have other things to do, the game requires professional help.

Tesh said...

Seconding Andrew. I've never thought "games as commitments" was a particularly good thing, at least not for me.

isey said...

XXX MMO? Sign me up! ;)

On flip side if the game is so damn fun it dominates my time because it is engaging and sans silly time sinks, then I'm ok with that.

Still waiting for that one, though =)