Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More awesome Guild Wars armour

Following on from my previous GW armour article, I thought I'd do another post honoring the Guild Wars players that put that extra bit of gold and effort into making their characters look good. Here are some of the screen captures of players I took over the recent Area Bonus Weekend in Random Arenas:

Class: Mesmer

Head: Hidden
Chest: Obsidian (black)
Hands: Chaos Gloves
Legs: Shing Jea (black)
Feet: Obsidian (black)
Holding: Chaos Axe and a Tormented Shield

Class: Dervish

Head: Elite Sunspear (black)
Chest: Elite Sunspear (black)
Hands: Elite Sunspear (black)
Legs: Elite Sunspear (black)
Feet: Elite Sunspear (black)
Holding: Destroyer Scythe

Class: Elementalist

Head: Tinted Spectacles
Chest: Vabbian (black)
Hands: Destroyer Gauntlets
Legs: Vabbian (black)
Feet: Vabbian (black)
Holding: Deldrimor Sword and a Flame Artifact

Class: Ranger

Head: Canthan (light blue)
Chest: Elite Druid (light blue)
Hands: Primeval (light blue)
Legs: Elite Druid (light blue)
Feet: Primeval (light blue)
Holding: Ball Hammer

Class: Necromancer

Head: Hidden
Chest: Vabbian (blue)
Hands: Vabbian (blue)
Legs: Elite Cabal (blue)
Feet: Elite Cabal (blue)
Holding: Voltaic Spear and an Enameled Shield

Class: Mesmer

Head: Unknown
Chest: Elite Kurzick (red)
Hands: Elite Kurzick (red)
Legs: Elite Kurzick (red)
Feet: Elite Kurzick (red)
Holding: Eternal Blade and an Eternal Shield

All images can be enhanced by clicking on them. All weapons and armour seen in these pictures would have taken an insane amount of game time to obtain. My hat goes off to those that do put in the hard yards. Once again, sorry about the female theme happening here. It is difficult to find good looking male armour art ;)

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