Saturday, November 8, 2008

WAR: Switching modes

I play an Archmage, and one of the biggest annoyances is having to swap armor, weapons and tactics every time I want to go from damage to healing mode (and vice versa). I wanted two buttons, one that said 'Healing Mode' and one that said 'Damage Mode'. I wanted to click either button and all my items and tactics would instantly be set for that mode. Was it too much to ask?

I looked around for an addon that would do this but the closest I could find was ClosetGoblin, which only really fulfilled half my requirement. So I did a bit or research and it turns out I could do the rest with some clever macro ninjoring. Now I have my two buttons and it is the greatest thing ever. It's so handy that I can't imagine playing without them. I figured that there must be others out there that shared the same pain as me, so here's the steps I took to create the 'mode buttons':
  1. Download the ClosetGoblin addon from Curse (you will also need LibSlash).
  2. Install both addons and then fire up WAR.
  3. Open the Closet Goblin window by typing the following command into chat:
    /cg show

  4. Create and set up two (or more) Closet Goblin sets (may require a lot of item shuffling):

    I used 'Heal' and 'Dmg' as names, but you can call them anything you like.
  5. Open the main menu (press 'esc') and click 'Macros':

  6. Select one of the empty macro spaces and choose an icon and enter a name for your macro (e.g. 'Healing Mode').
  7. Enter the following into the 'Macro Text' section:
    /script TacticsEditor.OnSetMenuSelectionChanged(1) ClosetGoblin.ActivateSet("Heal")

    Note: there is no line break used in the above script. Replace the highlighted text with the number of the tactics set you wish to use and the name of the set from ClosetGoblin:

  8. Now click 'save' and drag the macro icon onto your skill bar:

  9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 for each mode button you wish to create.
You can now use the buttons (while not in combat) to quickly swap between whatever item sets and tactics you like. This trick will work for any class, not just the Archmage. You might be a tank with 'Tank Mode' and 'Damage Mode'. The time and hassle saved in the long run is well worth it. Ahh.. sooo much better... ;)

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Melf_Himself said...

Dude that is pretty leet, nice job.