Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today I played with a 9 year old girl

Yes, that sounds a bit wrong. Anyway.

I was playing Left 4 Dead tonight when one of my team mates announces in local chat "I'm 9 years old and a girl". Whatever, I think, as I had just witnessed her eat some guy's face and do a bunch of damage. But then I heard the voice chat.

Holy crap there was indeed a 9 year old girl playing this (15+ rated) game. And you know what? She's probably better than about 80% of the people that I play with. She:

- Advised us whenever she didn't know how to do something, instead of doing something stupid instead.
- Followed instructions to the letter.
- Called out whenever affected by the attack of a boss zombie, along with supplying the name of said zombie.
- Got lost only once.
- Saved comrades in trouble.
- Mowed down infected (more than me in one map!)
- Attacked at the same time as the rest of the team when playing the infected, as opposed to dying quickly alone.
- Thanked us for the games when she had to leave.

This was, seriously, a dream team mate. What gives? How come a 9 year old is so much better than a bunch of young adults? Seems to me like most more mature players bring an arrogance with them to a new game that is roughly inversely proportional to their actual skill level with the game. Young kid, clean slate, 100% willingness to learn, and no snarky "lolpwnt" mentality.

Time to go start recruiting clan members from Free Realms or something.

P.S. It was her SECOND DAY playing the game.


Chappo said...

was she asian? O.o
If so it doesn't count :P

Melf_Himself said...

Haha. I don't think so, her accent was pretty neutral to me (i.e. Australian) and she had good ping on the Australian server I was on.

Do Korean kids not raised in Korea acquire the same clicky-clicky super skills? Nature or nurture? :o