Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Virtual memories...

This post by Ixobelle prompted me to dig back through some of my gaming screen shots. I found some screen captures from my old Guild Wars days that triggered off some good memories, so I thought I would share:

Pure pwnage!
This screen shot is of Melf and I winning Random Arenas. I was Monking and Melf was running some super DPS Assassin build. What is significant about this is that two people on our team rage quit before the match even began. It was just Melf and I versus 4 other players. The other team had a good Monk, and it was no easy battle. We ended up beating them after 6 minutes of possibly the greatest RA match I have ever played. Melf's comment at the end was appropriate:

"Can you say pwnt?"

Taking the Hall of Heroes
This was the first time I ever took Hall of Heroes. My guild at the time was 'Premade Paladins [Mend]'. It was a very strong guild made up of 11 players, and taking Halls later became a common occurrence. This capture is significant because it was the first time we ever achieved something great as a guild.

The Peak of Greatness
This is both a happy and sad memory. The screeny is of the highest guild rank attained by my guild. We were eighth in the world, which is no easy achievement. We got there by running a severely broken Smiting-Thumper build. You can also see my character doing a rather embarrassing Bambi emote. I think I was the lowest ranked in the guild... ah good times...

Unfortunately the guild disbanded not long after this screen shot was taken. When you start doing well, everyone wants to contribute their own two cents. Without proper leadership in-fighting ensures, and it's a death spiral from there on in. As they say: 'What goes up, must come down'. I never joined another serious guild again after this (in any MMO). It's hard taking steps backward when you were once so great. I guess that's what screen shots are for, so that you never forget the good times :)

I remember capturing many other great gaming moment's but they were lost through the years as I've sold and upgraded my computers. A bit sad I guess, but all the more reason to print them out and store them. Thanks Ix for the trip down memory lane ;)


Elementalistly said...

This is why I switched to Picasa, and the instant sync to web feature.
I will never lose another image.
As to GW memories..makes me sad everytime when I think about those days.
That game truly shone as a beacon of non-grindy, fun MMO style play.
Luckily AoC has taken that spot, thanks to the same features like PvP when I want to, non-grind questing (after all the patching of course..) and the fact I am not forced to do crafting if I do not want to..
Love it..


Melf_Himself said...

Ahh the memories.

I loved that Assassin build, as it had solid pressure that could change targets very rapidly, but also massive DPS shutdown. Together with Crimson's Protection skills, the other team couldn't *quite* push through spikes, and I somehow *just* could.

They nerfed that Assassin build shortly afterwards. It was an obscure build but two of the skills were also used in the lame button-mashing flavour of the month, so it suffered from collateral nerfing. C'est la vie in MMO's I suppose!

R.I.P. [Mend]... we were on top of the world for, what, like 3 days before that most epic of monsters, Level 34 Guild Drama, overtook us all.

The source of the drama? We were winning but with a broken build that some of the top guilds simply refused to play because it was too broken. Some of our guildies wanted to practice at the good old "balanced" build around which the game was designed. I saw their point in theory, but in practice, there was no way we were hardcore enough to dominate with the harder-to-play balanced build. I wanted to ride out the gimmick until it got nerfed all the way, and then pick up the next gimmick after that ;)

Crimson Starfire said...

I'm going to set up a Picasa web album and start recording my favorite gaming moments from now on. It's great to look back on, even when the game has grown old.

That Assassin build was leet. I remember we ran tandem sins with that build in a GvG and we absolutely owned. Didn't we nickname it 'Spikezor' or something? Good times...

Melf_Himself said...

Ahh, no, you're thinking of a different leet assassin build. That was the build made famous by "Nox the Ninja" who used it to single-handedly wtf-pwn The Last Pride (the number 1 guild in the game at the time). We then Ctrl-C -> Ctrl-V'd it and seemed to do pretty well against anyone who wasn't top 50-ish. That also was very good times.

The build from that RA match involved Siphon Strength for massive melee shutdown, and the "black" offhand attacks -> death blossom -> impale for fast, frequent spikeage.

mbp said...

Wow. Number 8 in the world sounds pretty serious. Graz on getting there. What sort of time commitment were you putting into the game to get to that level?

(I thought I made this comment already. Knowing me I probably made it on the wrong post so apologies if you have to answer it twice)

Crimson Starfire said...

I think we played for 3 hours or so every week night, and 6+ hours Saturday and Sunday. The guild was pretty hardcore, but there were much greater and more hardcore guilds out there. We only got to where we were by running a badly broken build. Didn't matter much anyway, everyone was running the same build, we were just better at running it ;)

Melf_Himself said...

Bearing in mind that we were only at that level for about 3 days before the guild drama set in, lol. We were more like about top 100-200 skill level I think, but were wannabes who played gimmicks to have our brief moment of glory at the top :)

I don't think I'd get hardcore into GvG again in Guild Wars 2. It's too much time investment, and you have to live with some little snot living on the other side of the country bossing you around on vent... no thanks. These days when I log in to Guild Wars I just play some Alliance Battles or Random Arenas, it's a bit more leisurely.

Having said that, nothing really beat the fun of a good GvG match :)

Crimson Starfire said...

Having said that, nothing really beat the fun of a good GvG match

So true. There has been no MMORPG made to date that can beat the thrill of a good GvG match in Guild Wars.