Sunday, September 6, 2009

Demigod half price

.... So go get it.

My review here (short version: it was definitely worth the full price, letalone half).


mbp said...

Is it worth getting it for single player mode only?

I have never really gotten into multiplayer RTS games but I enjoy a good single player.

Crimson Starfire said...


These things always go half price a few weeks after I purchase them...


JediOfTheShire said...

I agree! Get Demigod! Now that I have a computer that can run the game it's a lot of fun. The learning curve is kind of rough and games have been, for me, fairly difficult to find (it took them AGES to fix their bug that wouldn't let players connect to each other, I almost forgot about the game!) but good matches are a TON of fun!

And almost half a year ago you complemented my name and I never read the post because I was randomly popping around all over the place looking at other stuff. So this is late, but thanks :D

I dabbled a bit in blogging myself, but life got busy and I haven't picked it up again. If you want to check it out there might be something that might interest you in my few posts.