Thursday, November 5, 2009

Aion: Bad Quest Design

Well... just about all quests in Aion are badly designed, but there is one that stood out more than the others. I received it when my Cleric reached level 17:

Yup, that's right, I have to resurrect 100 fallen allies. If you are wondering what the problem with this quest is, then hang your head in shame!

What's the fastest way for a Cleric (healer), who is responsible for keeping the entire group alive, to get 100 resurrections?

"Oh jeez, sorry buddy... went afk for a sec... here let me rez you.."

"Sorry phone rang, don't worry I've got rez"

You get the idea...

A good cleric would never let a team mate die (on purpose). So in actual fact, the quest is punishing the player for being a skillful healer. Furthermore the reward of 20,000 kinah is only really a large sum to a low level char. Once you pass 25 or so, you are making 20k or so off every quest run (drops alone). By the time I credibly resurrected 100 team mates, my character is likely to be level 40+. At which point the reward is useless.

Like I said, bad quest design.


Jayedub said...

That just epitomizes the balance issues even in the quest rewards.

Thallian said...

there's a deed like this in Lotro also that I thought reprehensible, and there's one for removing res sickness as well lol. Its as if they're expecting you to suck and rewarding it.

Mordiceius said...

That's actually a misstype. It is only 10 teammates. Still, the fact remains it is a dumb quest.

After that, you get a repeatable to res 20 teammates.

Crimson Starfire said...

The game has many issues. Not sure why I keep playing it...

I'm just amazed that they would reward someone for sucking at their role. It encourages bad game play.

A mistype? That would explain a few things. Still bad quest design though ;)

Draginfaerie said...

As Mordiceius posted it's only 10 not 100.

I take the repeats only because people are going to die eventually. If you're going to be resurrecting people you might as well get something for it.

Crimson Starfire said...

True, but it opens the gates for abuse if players want to make a quick 20K.

Anonymous said...

if you have a really good friend they can die for you 100 times in a row :)

im glad i know this exists when I duo with a healer