Tuesday, January 5, 2010

There's.... too many of them!

Useful tactic for posting something ridiculous on the internet to minimize ridicule aimed at yourself:

String together such a multitude of irrational, delusional statements that nobody knows where to start.

I am therefore motivated only to summarize and say that the so-called glory games of yesteryear that Keen discusses are all niche games, which do not appeal to the majority of people because they do not like getting ganked.


evizaer said...

Just stop reading Keen's stuff. It certainly is much less frustrating. He has repeatedly proved his lack of broader perspective. He barely understands what he wants, let alone what anyone else wants. There's no reason to continue reading his repeated traditionalist rhetoric unless you like being antagonized by someone who makes arguments they are incapable of defending if challenged.

Jayedub said...

But if he stops reading then we won't get these amusing responses!

Elementalistly said...

So, I thought to myself..."Hey, maybe today is the day that Keen doesn't do or say something stupid"

Damn I hate being wrong.