Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Downloadable "content"

Apparently the new Bioshock "DLC" is a whopping 24 kB in size. This means that customers are not actually downloading any content because the content was all already there when they installed it.

Perhaps they should quit with the blatant false advertising and re-label it DLP? (DownLoadable Permission). Might take the wind out of the marketing propaganda sails.


Thallian said...

Lol I hear ya there. Sheesh. Why code stuff and not let paying customers use it for months? Just weird if you ask me.

Anton said...

You're sure it's not a download client you're downloading, that will start a bigger download?

But then marketing is really up to the seller. Most months of playing any MMO you're not really getting a lot for what you're paying except permission. This isn't uncommon.