Thursday, April 29, 2010

Official ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 blog is up

I started writing about MMORPG's a couple of years ago (on another website, hopefully now buried in the mists of time). Like a lot of people I went through an exciting brainstorming phase where I proposed all sorts of crazy ideas to try and improve the MMO genre. Looking back now, some of it was good. Some of it was ok. A lot of it was short-sighted drivel.

While I have come to accept that I may not, in fact, be about to sigle-handedly revolutionize the entire genre, there's one thing that I can tell from this experience. ArenaNet is a lot better at it than anybody else has ever been.

The revolution is here my friends. Game on, Blizzard. Game on.


Thallian said...

thanks for the link Melf ;)

Tesh said...

I'm definitely in ArenaNet's corner on this one. Here's hoping they can pull it off and not just promise unicorns, only to crash and burn.

Tesh said...

More goodness from the ArenaNet team:

Crimson Starfire said...

Awesome! Thanks Tesh.

There must be a lot of work go into designing these dynamic events. I can't wait to try some of them out!

Rich said...

All I can say is that "We'll see". Warhammer was supposed to be OMGAWESOME, and basically sucked.

I'll check GW2 out, but I won't play it just because it isn't WoW. If it's good, though, then hell yeah sign me up.