Thursday, August 19, 2010

Critical! 2000 damage! Huzzah!

It's a well established fact that the larger you make a completely arbitrary number, the more WoW-like and hence the more awesome the game is.

Melf is displeased.


Crimson Starfire said...

And what's the deal with the:

"An event is happening nearby"?

So they get rid of overhead question marks for quest givers, but they add random immersion breaking messages that appear to give guidance?? Are players not smart enough to find these things on their own? Why not just have a lady scream and come running down the road:

"Help! Help! Minotaurs are attacking!"

Beats the hell out of

"An event is happening nearby"...

I have faith in ArenaNet with GW2, but the demo footage is not doing it justice :(

mbp said...

I have never understood this fascination with massive criticals. I have checkt he numbers over and over and in every game I have played you are almost always better going for an upgrade that increases base damage rather than something which improves criticals. The only exception is with burglar like classes who can force a critical hit with backstab or similar skill.

Randomessa said...

My suspicion is that the "an event is happening nearby" text was either a) in place for the demo so that players would be clued in to investigate content rather than run through the obvious event and finish the tutorial and get kicked out saying, "meh," or b) there because testing has shown that people really just aren't finding this content on their own. Some retraining is necessary, but if most new players end up leaving the game in a huff because there's "nothing going on", how successful can we say dynamic events are?

This is just speculation, of course.