Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diablo 3 to be quite similar to Diablo 2

Probably about 50% of my unread posts today were about the latest Diablo 3 announcnements.

First, you must always be online to play, even in single player. This is of course absolute fail-train, because inevitably there will be server issues and at-home internet issues. I had several relatively high level single player characters in Diablo II that I used to play when the servers were down. Also, sometimes you just want to use cheats and run around wtf-pwning everything. But no longer.

Second, the in-game auction house will allow you to earn/spend real life cash. I actually APPLAUD this decision, because it will keep the dirty gold seller spam out of the game (if you own a copy of Diablo 2, make a public game for the lols. At least one bot will enter within about 10 seconds).

Third, mods will be super frowned upon. They were super frowned upon in Diablo II as well, and for multiplayer, that's fine (of course, people will still come up with a MapHack mod, and people will use it. I will personally risk the account ban when I get sufficiently tired enough of losing hardcore characters to ridiculous random extra fast boss spawns). It's annoying that people won't be able to use the engine to create neat-o new single player stuff, but I never bothered much with that stuff in the other Diablo games.

Verdict? Yes, heartless, we will still buy it. The fact that it's looking like an awesomely fun game dampens my outrage when they make announcements like this. Compared with the announcements for oh, say, SW:TOR, which just give me the lols because it looks awful (and no, I will NOT still buy that).


waldocarmona said...
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waldocarmona said...

hordemaster says: I really liked Diablo 2, even though I am usually not that big of a fan of dungeon crawlers, but hey it's Diablo, so yea, put me down for Diablo 3 if Blizzard finally releases it to the masses. (p.s. sorry about the deletion, blogspot won't let me edit comments if I make a typo)

Unknown said...

Gamers were willing to trade their hard-earned money for in-game products, and were forced into shady, backroom transactions. Blizzard in an effort to put and end to this, as well as perhaps make some money in the process, created a built-in real money auction house in the game. Players will now be allowed to sell and buy their in game items for dollars, yen, pounds etc. This will allow a more dynamic in-game economy and create more motivated players.

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