Thursday, September 22, 2011

Customer service 101

For those unfamiliar with the game's pricing system, the points I was refunded would usually take a few nights worth of playing to earn . They can be used to buy new champions or runes (which allow you to customize your loadout). Since I can spend these points in lieu of paying money to buy things, Riot are trading a little bit of cash in the immediate future for my long term goodwill. They also really made an effort to do this by searching their sales logs, because I purchased this champion at least a couple of months ago.

This kind of thing is ALWAYS a good investment in my book (see: Valve).


Unknown said...

Sweet! I love LoL, Riot seems great too. Good to know they'll do these kinds of refunds.

Name's Wafflectomy if you're ever up for a game btw!

Anton said...

Makes me think of the circuit city commercial from the 90's

Also, I am playing LoL every other day, my summoner name is "Metzin". I am on the US server.

Isey said...


I made a blog post how I was burned by steam - I bought a game for $19.99 and the NEXT DAY it went on sale for $1.99. I didn't even want a refund, just a credit to buy other games from them (which would have cost more than the credit) but no dice.

I haven't purchased a thing off steam since. Bad taste in my mouth. Props to Riot.