Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The fate of SC2

Regarding StarCraft II:
Yeah, in a dream world we all want this ULTRA CUT-THROAT COMPETITIVE FUCK YOUR FACE game where OH MY FUCKING GOD SKILL CEILING SO HIGH NO MULTIPLE BILDING SIELECT FUK AUTO-MICRO OH MY GOD SO COMPETITIVEEE!1111...But in the real world, no one wants to play that game except competitive people.
In the past I have always been first to throw the carebears out with the noobwater, but I never considered the perspective put forth by this lengthy diatribe: If you want a competitive game to be supported, it's the scrubs, the noobs, yes the freaking carebears, that need to love the game as well. Otherwise there can be no time and money to support professional competitive play. I don't think I've ever read something this long on the internet that held the opposite of my pre-determined viewpoint. This is some sort of personal internet moment in history for me. Vive la carebear!