Sunday, July 27, 2008

WAR Week

EA has rumored that September 23rd will be the official release date for WAR, and rumor is good enough for me! Since it falls on a Tuesday, the remainder of the week will officially be known as 'WAR Week'. Coincidentally, September 23rd is my Grandmother's birthday. Oh well... at least I know what present to buy her =P


WAR is possibly less than two months away!!!!!

Can't wait to join the line of crazy nerd stereotypes at EB and speculate about which class I'm going to play first, which of course is going to be the Disciple of Khaine ;)


Chappo said...

Nooooooo, we've lost you to the dark side! Still, I will enjoy wiping that sickly smirk of your face with one swing of my warrior priest's warhammer. What type of server are you planning on playing on?

Crimson Starfire said...

I'll definitely be playing on an Oceanic PvP server. If you're into PvP, I'm sure I can arrange a dual ;)

Your choosing the healer's path as well, any particular reason? Personally I just like the extra challenge, plus every army needs a healer.

Chappo said...

Actually, healing would be my second role. I'm going to role the dps side of the WP as well as some secondary support buffs. The reason why I chose the dps aspect of the WP rather then choosing a dps class is because I think that Mythic have made it so that if you do roll the dps aspect then you are going to do just as much dmg as the other classes.
I really want to be a support class, support as being doing some sweet buffs, crazy dmg and the occasional heal.
And anyway, the WP looks amazing, so if the dps path sucks then I might even go the healing path.