Sunday, July 20, 2008

A weird bug in Guild Wars

I was participating in some Guild Wars Alliance Battles (AB) last night with Melf and his girlfriend, when the weirdest bug I have ever seen occurred. At first I thought I had lagged out and what I was seeing was just some mishap between server and client, but everyone else was experiencing the bug as well.

The map was The Ancestral Lands (Deep Kurzick) and we were playing Luxon. The Luxons are at a natural disadvantage on the map, but they receive 1,000 extra Alliance faction for winning. Anyway, the game played out as usual and the Kuzicks won with a decisive victory. It was at this point that the bug kicked in. The game didn't end!! Both factions were still able to fight each other and capture control points. Every Guild Wars player who has ever played AB would know that the victory points can't really go above 500 or so, but in this case they just kept on going up. Initially I thought about leaving, as a lot of people took this option, but I was interested to know what would happen when the victory points reached 1,000. Weirdly the counter hit the thousand mark with no issues and just kept on going up. I took a screen shot just in case no one would believe me:

This screen shot was taken just before I ninja'd the Kurzick Base Defender and liberated the Luxons for all eternity, thus ending the Guild Wars Factions campaign ;)

Please note, this is not a doctored image. I do not have Photoshop skills this good. This was indeed a weird and funny bug in Guild Wars.

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