Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I would play if...

Syp's got a bit of a meme thingy going on, which I couldn't resist. Basically you just state what would make you play a certain MMORPG. Here is my list:
  • I would play EverQuest 2 if the only computer I owned was seven years old. It would also have to lose the sub fee.
  • I would play Eve Online (again) if the combat was a little more exciting.
  • I would play World of Warcraft (again) if... give me a sec... If for some reason my internal organs failed and the only way I could survive was to be linked up to a machine that required me to play WoW.
  • I would play City of Heroes if the instancing didn't seem so dull and repetitive. Better PvP would also be nice.
  • I would play Runescape if I was blind.
  • I would play Star Wars Galaxies if it didn't have that old dusty feel to it. I'm worried my Star Wars fantasy world will be destroyed by trying it. Better to wait for SW:ToR me thinks.
  • I would play Dungeons and Dragons Online if it didn't have a sub fee or the sub fee was cheaper.
  • I would play Wizard 101 (again) if combat was a little more fast paced and the animations didn't cause epilepsy.
  • I would play Age of Conan if they paid me.
  • I would play Darkfall if... well, maybe when it's had another year or two to bake in the design oven.
  • I would play Warhammer Online (again) if it stopped feeling like a WoW clone with a tenth of the polish.
  • I would play Guild Wars until Guild Wars 2 came out (I'd probably still play it).
  • I would play LotRO (again) if it was a tad more polished and had serious PvP.
  • I would play Free Realms if I was tripping on acid.


Myrix said...

Ha, nice. I like your answers. I think I'll see what comes to mind myself with this meme.

Chappo said...

Harsh...you make all the top MMOs sound like trash. Luckily I don't play any of them or I would reach through the internet and steal your kidney :D

Tesh said...

Trash is trash, regardless of its pedigree or popularity.

That said, objectivity is hard to come by as a general rule, from either side of the fence.

Captcha = "filter"? Interesting.

Crimson Starfire said...

Thanks for stopping by. I was a little worried I'd step on a few toes with this post, but it was done in good humor, so hopefully people will see the light side ;)

Yeah, I realise I was being really harsh with some of the answers, but I felt it needed to be said. I tried to provide constructive criticism to the games, which I still think have potential to do well. I have a dire hatred of WoW and it's clones, thus the sarcasim. Its mostly the subscription based MMOs that I canned the most though. I really should do a post on my hatred for the subscription model and just get it out of my system.

Agreed ;)

Thallian said...

these are pretty funny :)