Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Moving in with the gf's parents

Ha ha, yeah... My girlfriend and I are getting old (28) and want to buy a house sometime soon. It ain't going to happen unless we save a deposit, so long story short, we are going to be moving back to her parents place (in the outer rim) to save money for a year. Ordinarily I would have been against the idea, but there was potential for something that pushed me over the line:


My girlfriend has a younger brother (21) who still lives at home and he loves video games and so does his girlfriend. He's never actually had a computer powerful enough to play anything other than Farmville, but luckily I have two. I've been buying up a bunch of Steam specials (and then some) in preparation for the LANage. Dawn of War and Company of Heroes could be good. I might even dig up Diablo 2 (love that game).

I also want to introduce him to the MMO world, but I'm not sure which one to show him first. He's still studying for his diploma, so I don't want to corrupt his free time too much. WoW is definitely out of the question. There is also the problem that my second computer is 5 years old and can't run much above Guild Wars, CoH or WoW. I was thinking Guild Wars because I love that game, but it seems to be slowly dying at the moment. I also have 1800+ hours on it and have played through all it's content a few times over. It would be fun for him, but not so much for me. My other thought was Wizard 101. He plays Magic the Gathering with his mates and Pokemon on his DS. Wizard 101 seems like a good combination of the two and should run on my old computer. It's also cheap in comparison to most MMOs. I reviewed Wizard 101 when it was first released and thought it was an excellently designed game. My only issues were the slow battles and repetitive card animations. These aren't exactly horribly bad points, so I'll most likely be firing it back up again just after Christmas (when the move happens).

In the mean time, I'll keep enjoying Torchlight and the other 10 Steam specials I've purchased over the last week. I swear, I have a weakness for game specials...


mbp said...

I hope your GF parents house has good sound-proofing!

Seriously though - it sounds like you are making serious long term plans which is great. I am lucky enough to be in a life long relationship with the woman I love most in the world (15 years married and counting) and I can seriously say that our marriage and the family that we have built together are the very foundation of my life. In my opinion the sacrifices that have to be made to achieve this pale into insignificance compared to the benefits.

If the GF's brother was a minor I would counsel you not to corrupt him but as he is 21 he is fair game. No point shilly shallying - get him hooked on WoW or EVE. Don't bother with FPS games though - his 21 year old reflexes are bound to be quicker than yours so that can only end in your humiliation!.

Thallian said...

lol I remember the LANage I had in college, was so much fun. I've tried to recreate it locally but it seems Lotro has won out over the golden oldies. (for now!)

I too am saving for a home to buy with my wonderful wife. Family is definitely the way to go for a richer more fulfilling life. Good luck putting up with the folks! I just moved out of mine last April when I got married.

Crimson Starfire said...

Lol! Yeah, I'm pretty sure that if I showed him TF2, he would be owning me within a week. I'm going to keep it to games I'm good at to first show him who is boss, then maybe throw in a few FPS games. I was thinking about some Demigod right off the bat to scare him shitless, then maybe a few rounds of hardcore D2. That should break him... ;)

Not sure about sound proofing, but I'll soon find out ;)

Thanks, and good luck with your house as well.

Ironically more LAN games are being made today, than they were back before the MMO era, yet I hardly hear of LANs happening any more. I do miss them so...

Tesh said...

Ah, but the evil overlords can't monetize LAN gaming. *coughStarCraft2cough*

I miss my StarCraft LAN days.