Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Secret to getting fast Renown

Last night Melf told me about a neat little trick he discovered on the forums for gaining Renown in WAR scenarios extremely quickly. All you have to do is change teams in the scenario so that you are alone or with the mates you want, and you will gain a stack more renown (the less in your team the better). The trick sounded very simple, so naturally Melf and I tried it for ourselves. Sure enough... it worked...

I used my Warrior Priest (Starmantle) and Melf used his Iron Breaker (Drogan) in the Troll Crossing scenario. We created our own little team in slot 10 and played as we normally do.

To change teams in a scenario you right click your character portrait and select 'Leave scenario team'. There will then be an option to join any other team you like. Just click the 'join' link at the bottom of a team slot in the team window.

Here are the results of the first match. Yup, Starmantle and Drogan top scored for Renown. Not bad for rank 17 and 18. The XP gained was nice as well:

Similar results in the second match (click images to enlarge):

This neat neat little trick isn't an exploit. The reason you get more renown than everyone else is that you don't split it with your team mates. In other words, you don't have slackers sapping the rewards for your hard work. The other advantage is that you always get the rewards from corpse looting (he he, no need to roll). The downside is that you miss out on all the buffs associated with being in a group.

Although it is great to finally get the renown I have worked for, I really hope Mythic fix this problem because it promotes solo play in scenarios, which can only lead to disaster.


Copperbird said...

I don't heal people who leave my group :) I still think this is an exploit. If you can do the exact same thing in or out of a group but get twice the renown when outside then something is wrong.

Gamer Hudson said...

I call Shenanigans!

Ok I could see why this would work, but also it could lead to even more segmented gameplay in scenarios, and at least on my server Order is bad enough already I would hate to see them not cooperate and work together

Anonymous said...

Just because you can do it using the mechanics of the game, doesn't mean it isn't an exploit. It needs to be fixed, but if you keep doing something you know doesn't feel "right", you are exploiting.

Crimson Starfire said...

Tough call on this one guys. I actually don't think it is an exploit. If it was an exploit then you would be getting more renown than you are entitled to. This gives you the exact renown you are entitled to. The only reason you received less renown in the past, was because it was being split with your team mates. I don't mind sharing, but when all your hard work is going toward a couple of entry level players who barely contribute to the scenario, then I'd rather keep it to myself.

No shenanigans my friend. You're welcome to try it for yourself if you don't believe me.

I always heal people regardless of which group they are in. The more people I keep alive, the better chance we have of winning. Plus you gain a boatload of renown for healing others ;)

You're right of course. If it doesn't feel right, then you are exploiting. This doesn't feel wrong to me. It actually feels fair.

Anyway exploit or not, it's promoting solo play in scenarios, which is a bad thing. Mythic needs to do something about it, or else everyone will be on a team of one.

mbp said...

I don't play WAR myself but it sounds like this feature is a disincentive to grouping. I can't imagine that's what the developers intended so I imagine it will be fixed soon.

With regards to the ethics of doing something like this I tend to take a pragmatic approach. If it hasn't been specifically labelled an exploit then you may as well do it. The more folks who do it the more obvious any problems will become and the quicker it is likely to be fixed.

Crimson Starfire said...

My thoughts exactly.

Vidar said...

Another option is to play fair.

Crimson Starfire said...

Like I said to Esri, this feels fair. It would be unfair to leech other players renown points by being on their team and not contributing. So in a sense, you would be exploiting other players hard work if you didn't use the trick mentioned in this post (assuming you don't contribute as much).