Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shock horror, game devs listen to players

Mythic has continually astounded me over the last 2 weeks with their tireless reading of forums and prompt addressing of player concerns. Seriously, I'm used to bitching about things in an MMO for a good year or 2 before they end up getting changed.

Mythic has made a ton of changes, including:

- Allowing scenarios to be queued up for all racial pairings within a tier (dramatically reducing queue times)
- Altering the White Lion 'pounce' ability so that they can't unfairly beat Destro to the bauble in one of the Tier 2 scenarios
- Fixing Tab targeting
- Fixing the chat interface
- Fixing the target out of range bug
- Fixing pet AI
- Fixing the friends list
- Adding an auto loot option
- Reducing random crashes

Granted, ideally several of these things should have been in the shipped product, but big props to Mythic for listening to the fans and fixing a lot of the most outstanding issues as quickly as they can. In particular I'm a big fan of the Scenario fix, since this is what I've spent the majority of my time playing so far (actually I've spent the majority grinding for gear/levels... I should say, I've had the majority of my fun in scenarios :p).

Anyway, I've never seen such a fast turn around before, and hope it continues.


Crimson Starfire said...

Sure I'm a little upset that Mythic released WAR full of bugs, but they kinda had to in order to beat WoW's expansion to the shelves. The fact Mythic are prioritizing WAR's bug fixes based on user feedback is a good sign of things to come.

Chappo said...

I would hardly say the white lion's pounce ability is unfair. Destruction will almost always get to the bauble first in Tor Anroc unless a white lion goes down the middle. The map has been designed very badly so they will always get there first, even more so if a marauder goes down their middle. Tor Anroc is probably the best T2 scenario but the issue of balance needs to be addressed.

Chappo said...

@crimson None of the bugs seem game breaking, but there are some annoying ones. However, I am sure that Mythic will sort all of them out very soon because of the report system, which a ton of players are using, and the fact that they DO listen to what is being said.

Thallian said...

I too enjoy the scenarios the most :)

Melf_Himself said...

Oh I agree, Tor Anroc is broken anyway. But given that they fixed one bug to try and fix the scenario, I'm sure (hope) they're going to try to fix the other as well (ie slightly re-design the map).

As impressed as I am with their speed in responding to bugs, that's a big one for me and my patience won't last TOO long. It's pretty game breaking, so I'd expect it to be fixed in the next couple of weeks. This will co-incide nicely with the time that many will have to renew their subscriptions :)