Friday, October 24, 2008

WAR contribution system idea

I'm not a huge fan of the current WAR scenario contribution system for a few reasons. Each class isn't rewarded equally for its efforts (i.e. DPS gets more renown than tanks), and there is very little incentive to carry out the objectives of the scenario (ie. defending a flag). There is also the problem of splitting renown equally throughout the group regardless of contribution, which has lead to the solo grouping issue. It's a delicate issue, as a lot of people feel that all renown gained should be split amongst the group, whereas others believe that players should only be rewarded for their individual effort. Personally I believe there needs to be a combination of both. Players should be encouraged to play as a team, as well as be recognised for individual contribution.

Instead of just talking the talk, I thought I have a go at walking the walk and actually designing how I think the WAR scenario contribution system should work:

My system design would be broken down into two sections, Individual (not split with group mates) and Group rewards.

Base Renown Gain:
There would be three possible ways to gain renown: damage dealt, damage received and healing performed. Each class would only be able to use two of the of the three renown gain methods. Unlike the current system, damage dealt would rewarded instantaneously instead of when a kill is performed (like how healing works currently). Damage received (designed for tanks) would also be rewarded instantaneously. You could not gain renown for self inflicted damage (ie. falling or backfire) or for healing yourself. The amount of renown gained would depend on the class co-efficient. Below is table showing the class co-efficient for each renown gain method:

ClassDmg DealtDmg TakenHealing
Chosen and Knight of the Blazing Sun0.55
Black Orc and Swordmaster0.500.50
Ironbreaker and Blackguard0.500.50
Squig Herder and The White Lion0.400.60
Witch Hunter and Witch Elf0.350.65
Maruader and Shadow Warrior0.450.55
Dwarven Engineer and Chaos Magus0.350.65
Bright Wizard and Sorceress0.300.70
Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine0.50
Goblin Shaman and High Elf Archmage0.55
Rune Priest and Zealot0.60

To calculate the renown gained you take the base figure (ie. 1000 dmg = 10 renown) and multiply it by the co-effient for that class (i.e. Bright Wizard: 10 renown * 0.3 = 3 renown). So as a Bright Wizard, you would receive 3 renown for every 1000 damage that you do. The base figures for each gain method would look something like:

MethodAmountRenown Gain
Damage dealt100010
Damage recieved100015
Healing performed100010

The idea of the co-efficient is that your class is rewarded at a higher rate for performing tasks that are more difficult. For example, the Witch Elf/Witch Hunter are rewarded at a higher rate for receiving damage, because it is riskier for them to do so. At the end of the day, all classes should receive the same renown for doing what they are good at. The co-efficient for each class would obviously be tweaked through trial and error to iron out any balance issues.

Diminishing Returns:
Each renown gain method would have diminished returns if used on or received from the same player over time. When the player dies, the diminished return is reset.

Objective Incentives:
Each scenario would provide incentives for performing or helping to perform certain objectives. For example healing a flag runner or killing an enemy flag runner. The incentives would vary depending on the scenario.

Winning the scenario:
This would work in the same fashion that it does at the moment. If your team wins the scenario, you get a renown bonus (i.e 600 RP).

This is where the bulk of your renown gain will come from. When you or a member of your group performs a kill, you and every other member of your group will receive 5 renown for each group member alive. If all six group members are alive, each member of the group will receive 30 renown. This provides an incentive to form large groups as well as staying alive and resurrecting. Only players that are alive receive renown. The amount of renown received per kill would increase with each tier.

Kill bonuses:
When an enemy performs a kill, the renown gained for killing them is the base amount plus 5 for each kill that they have performed. For example if your foe has killed 4 players before you kill them and all six of your group members are alive, you all receive 30 + (4 * 5) = 50 renown.

Kill rampages:
For each successive kill that your group makes without a single member dying the renown gain per kill increases by 5. For example (6 members): First kill = 30 renown each, second kill = 35 renown each, third = 40, etc...

Note: All values used in the above examples are arbitrary and would require actual game research to determine their proper values.

I think this kind of contribution system would reward each class equally, as well as encourage team co-operation. Bonuses would be rewarded to teams that work well together, as well as to individuals that put in extra effort.


Melf_Himself said...

Lots of good ideas.

The RP gains for kill bonuses sound like a lot, I could see people racking up 2k renown without much problems, might be a bit much.

Also, I'm not sure about the whole concept of rewarding anyone, even tanks, for taking damage in PvP. I know other people have suggested it, but the only reason the enemy team attacks a tank is if
a) tank overextends for no good reason and dies (stupid tank)
b) the enemy are stupid, and failbash the tank forever instead of doing something productive (stupid enemy)

Either way it seems like it only rewards stupid play.

An alternative suggestion could be to reward damage reduced with Guard / Hold the Line / Challenge, and to give a small amount of RP every time a snare or knockback is used. Obviously we have no idea what numbers to use, but it would have to be tweaked so that the best tanks earn the same RP/XP as the best of every other class.

Crimson Starfire said...

The RP gains for kill bonuses sound like a lot, I could see people racking up 2k renown without much problems, might be a bit much.

I'm going to refer you to the second last paragraph of the post:

Note: All values used in the above examples are arbitrary and would require actual game research to determine their proper values.

Good point though about rewarding stupid play. I wanted each class to have two methods of gaining renown. I think rewarding damage taken would still work, but it could be rewarded at a lower rate than damage dealt. That way it would discourage stupid play.

Anonymous said...

Good ideas with the disclaimer in there about "values" needing to be tweaked. It always bothered me you received the worst amount of rewards for guarding a capturable node (that isn't under attack). It is so important to stop that stealth/back cap as it splits/stretches your own defence. Most will agree that defence will win a lot of scenarios. There needs to be some proximity award on capturable nodes: ie: The longer you hold one, there is a RP multiplyer for kills, or at bare minimum, make rp gains while within 100/200' of a cap node worth more than open field - which would encourage players to fight by those objects.

I think there are a ton of ways to skin this cat but the utmost of care is needed, as people will find and use the path of least resistance for gains pretty much always.

Either way, the system doesn't work as it should right now, and thought is definitley needed on a rework like you suggeste.