Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Go back to WoW plz"

That is the forum cry of many a belligerent troll. Yet, I find myself urged to utter it after I read such things as this.

In brief, Tobold says that WAR doesn't have the same end-game raiding structure as WoW, and so after a capital city has been conquered, there is nothing left to do in the game. So players will not stick around for long.

Oh no, really?

You mean I can't spend long months on the endless MMO hamster wheel of diminishing returns trying to grind that extra 5% effectiveness out of my character, in order to fight that next series of enemies that are 5% stronger?

You mean that I don't have to perform as many mindless repetitive tasks in order to eventually play with my friends, and have a fair PvP comptetition with my enemies?

You mean that I don't have to be unemployed and/or have no social life in order to keep up?

You mean that in WAR PvP stands for Player vs Player, and not Play time spent vs Play time spent?

You mean that WAR is not an epic grind-fest like WoW? Whatever will we do with ourselves?

This game is all about RvR. The people who are drawn to play it are excited by the thrill of massive battles, of competitive play, by the joy of outmanoeuvring the competition, by the unpredictability of each encounter.

The small group who accomplished a 3am raid did so unopposed. They had none of the above PvP interaction, and so they were probably pretty left feeling pretty unfulfilled. They'll roll alts, gear up, and chill out while the rest of the player base catches up to them.

Or, they'll realise that they don't actually give a toss about PvP, that they hate having to adapt their playstyle on the fly, that they can't sleep at night without the promise of an incredibly low chance of the MMO casino drop game tossing them out a better item on the next day's raid. And then, they will...

Go back to WoW.



Chappo said...

I like reading rants! :D But seriously, a really great post. Taking the major city will take a quite a while, mythic suspected that it would take a couple of months for it to happen and it has not happened yet, with harder keep lords to be introduced soon, or maybe they have already. In any circumstances it is another bonus for rolling Order because it is going to take a very very long time before we get the opportunity to take over the Inevitable city.

Anonymous said...

Some people just don't get it when it comes to mmos and have to bash the lollipop cause it's not bubblegum.

Thallian said...