Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last night I took a Witch Hunter for a spin and aside from the no self heal, it was a bunch of fun. Up to now I've mostly been playing hybrid healer classes in WAR (Archmage and Warrior Priest), and throwing heals around in between dropping Witch Elves (my favorite). I had no idea how much it sux when you can't heal yourself!... and it sux even more when you fall back with 5% health hoping a healer will notice you, only to be picked off 10 seconds later by a passing tank... It almost made me want to stop playing a Witch Hunter altogether :(

Instead of ranting about it, I decided to come up with a possible solution:

All classes (including the ones with healing) are given a "I NEED HEALING!" button that lights up when your character's health drops below a certain threshold (i.e. 40%). When you press the button, a big red flashing arrow appears above your head and can only be seen by players with healing skills within range. When your health is taken above the threshold, the arrow disappears.

Now before we go any further, the idea is to provide identification assistance to the healers and not be a constant pain in the ass. So to prevent players from annoying the hell out of healers, there would be a few rules:
  1. The button can only be pressed once for each drop below the threshold.
  2. Healers can turn off being able to see arrows. A small 'eye' icon next to their portrait will indicate if they have the function turned on or not.
  3. Healers gain additional renown for helping players that have activated their "I NEED HEALING!" button. This provides an incentive to respond.
I think that having a "I NEED HEALING!" button would provide an extra layer of tactic and strategy to WAR battles, as well as giving melee dps classes a chance. It would also assist in identifying low health players in other groups. I know I'd use it ;)


Melf_Himself said...

Maybe instead of it automatically making the arrow come up, it could be a skill with, say, a 30 or 60s cooldown. Just so as not to make it too easy ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like the "MEDIC" call from Team Fortress 2. Conveniently located at the "E" key right next to your WASD controls.

Causes any medics to see a health HUD element point at whoever called it so medics can figure out who to help.

Popular use involves spamming it non-stop immediately after spawning while you are at full health, and the medic is occupied actually, you know, healing people half way across the map.


Crimson Starfire said...

Never got round to playing TF2. Must buy that at some point now that I have an uber computer. Sounds like the 'medic' call is what I'm after, except you would only be able to activate it when your health drops below the threshold (stops people abusing it).

I don't think it would be a good idea to have the "I NEED HEALING!" function as a skill with a cool down. The button would have no effect on the game what so ever except to help healers identify you as someone who needs healing. Making it a skill with a cool down would defeat the purpose a little bit, although it would encourage players to use it sparingly.

Melf_Himself said...

Hmm yes I guess there shouldn't be a recharge on yelling for help. Still, I think it should be some kind of a skill (but one that doesn't trigger your GCD), as opposed to automatically happening when your health hits X.

Sounds like a cool idea, I like it.

Zubon said...

I accidentally hit that E key all the time. Given the number of medics and how spread out things can get, I ponder at times how valuable that button is.