Monday, November 17, 2008

The WAR is over for me

I canceled my WAR subscription just before the renewal kicked in today. I'd actually stopped playing over a week ago mainly because I was no longer having fun. The game has a slew of issues, which I'm not going to re-iterate over here. Keen covers them off nicely. I might go back to it when Mythic fixes up a bunch of the existing problems, but I can't see that happening for at least a year.

On reflection, what did I like most about WAR and what did WAR really bring to the MMO table?

I loved the fact that the game was designed from the bottom up for PvP with some PvE thrown in for good measure. Although I love my PvP, it's just not as fun without the PvE around. When talking about what new things WAR introduced to the MMO-a-sphere, many people would say Public Quests, Tome of Knowledge and Open RvR. Honestly I thought these were all pretty crap. PQs sucked when there was no one around, ToK could have been better (I barely used mine) and Open RvR had issues a mile long. If you ask me the best thing that WAR introduced was Tactics, Morale skills and the ability to level up via PvP. I've never seen interchangeable passive skills (Tactics) used in an MMORPG before. I thought it worked very well. Moral skills provided the player with a a sort of bonus super skill when the battle started heating up (very cool), and leveling via PvP made it much more enjoyable for PvP players like myself. It provided an alternative to questing and the hopeless PQs.

So where to now?

My mates at work have been bugging me for a very long time to download the Orange Box from Steam, so I did. I've never been a huge fan of FPS, but I don't mind it if the game is well built. I completed Portal over the weekend, which is the coolest puzzle game ever. Although it only took four hours to complete, I highly recommend checking it out. Well worth it's weight in gold. I wasn't sure which part of Portal was better, the game play or the story line - both brilliant. Team Fortress 2 is awesome fun, but I really need to level up my FPS skills again to play competitively. Half-Life 2 is insanely well built, but I can't see it entertaining me for more than a few weeks. I do like how the NPCs interactive with you. RPGs could definitely learn a thing or two from that game. OpenEdge has convinced me that The Witcher is worth a look. I'll probably check that out after I finish with my little FPS binge.

I'm not sure when the next 'big thing' in the MMO space will occur, but I'm welcoming the single player break for a while. Mind you, if Guild Wars 2 got released tomorrow, I'd say: "to hell with these noob single player games" ;)


mbp said...

I must admit to a certain fondness for FPS games although my noobness is terribly exposed when it comes to multi-player. I played TF2 for a few weeks last year and found it extremely fun and exciting but I was inevitably frustrated by my own general incompetence. I seem to be able to get to a certain level and no further in multiplayer FPS games.

Openedge1 said...

If anything, the break from MMO's is just what the doc ordered.

Like The Witcher. It has some MMO conventions like gathering and potion making, but it is broken up by conversation and a story that is really engaging (right now I feel like CSI: The Witcher...hehe, with all the detective work..)

But, I confess to not missing the mess of patches, missing content, people who treat everyone else around them like crap, and the constant over and over of the same grinding killing that takes place in MMO's.

I think i just needed some alone time...

Melf_Himself said...

It's over for me too but I won't take up the space with another blog about it. MMO's are over for me until SW:TOR or GW2 come out, whichever is first.

In the meantime I'm going back to this little-known thing in playing games, called HAVING FUN. This new experimental technology sounds pretty crazy but it just might work.

Crimson Starfire said...

Back in the quake and quake 2 days I used to rule the server. Now I'm pretty average at the old FPS. I'm sure I could get my FPS skills back to where they used to be, but it would take months of training. It's on the cards, but not anytime soon. I was kinda hoping for an FPS MMORPG to be released...

The time alone is good. It's a weird feeling though... haven't had so much free time in a long while... Could be dangerous ;)

Having fun in games??? That's crazy talk! Now get back on the hamster wheel and grind, grind, grind!!!!


Openedge1 said...

hoping for an FPS MMORPG to be released

And Spellborn would have been THE game...

But, idiotic Acclaim ruins another fine game..

Well done.