Sunday, May 11, 2008

Assassin Build: Scythe Sin

This is a high damage PvP build that has everything except a self heal:

Template Code: OwpiMypM9fBgxc1cp/cmtIKAAA

Critical Strikes: 16 (12+4)
Scythe Mastery: 12
Crippling Sweep (Scythe Mastery)
Wounding Strike [Elite] (Scythe Mastery)
Mystic Sweep (Scythe Mastery)
Eremite's Attack (Scythe Mastery)
Critical Eye (Critical Strikes)
Assassin's Remedy (Critical Strikes)
Way of the Master (Critical Strikes)
Resurrection Signet ( )

The Scythe Sin is not a new build, people have been running it for a very long time. It works well because it provides an enormous amount pressure to the opposing team, via direct damage and spreading conditions. You have a %80 critical strike rate with a weapon that does 41 damage on a critical hit. Factor in the other bonuses and your average damage per hit is between 90-110. Blind doesn't effect this build because of Assassin's Remedy, which removes a condition every time you use a skill. This build depends heavily on a monk or ritualist to keep you alive, as it has no defense or healing. If you find you are dying too quickly, you can swap in Critical Defenses for Critical Eye. Be sure to keep your enchantments up as Wounding Strike and Mystic Sweep are less effective without them.

I use a 20/20 Sundering +30 health scythe and radiant armour. You can also run a minor Critical Strikes rune in order to maximize your health.

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