Sunday, May 25, 2008

PonyStars - Genius!

Every so often in the mixed up world of video games you come across a game that makes you say "WTF?". PonyStars is just that kind of game. I first found out about this game on Massively, with their article 'PonyStars set to kick Age of Conan's overexposed barbarian ass'; giving the impression that a new MMO is being released that could rival AoC. So naturally I did a bit of research, checked out the site and signed up. It looked like a clever browser based MMO targeting the female gamer population. But how on earth was that going to topple AoC??
PonyStars is slightly buggy with a horrible UI, and bears more than a passing resemblance to 'My Little Pony' (can we say pending lawsuit???) but it's going to make a killing! Why? Because it's got adorable little ponies that live in fairy land. Past experience tells us that chicks love that warm and fuzzy kind of cr@p - Nintendo made a packet off this premise with 'Nintendogs'.

Browser based MMOs are really gaining momentum at the moment because they are cheap, fast to build (compared to your standard MMO) and they reel in the profits through direct debit and online advertising. Low system requirements and the fact that people can play them at work and/or school is the driving force behind their immense popularity.
So is PonyStars going to kick AoC's ass in profits? It's certainly possible; I just wish I had of thought of it!

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