Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Which MMORPG should I choose next?

Over the last three years I've gone from Guild Wars to Eve, to World of Craft, to Hellgate London and then back to Guild Wars. Each one consumed copious amounts of my free time trying to level up characters, find better weapons/armour, and exploring the unknown. With many new MMORPGs shinning on the horizon and Guild Wars 2 still over 9 months away, the question is which one should I choose next? I've narrowed the ball park down to three:

Stargate Worlds

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Age of Conan looks awesome and reports from the open beta have been all thumbs up, so its looking like the front runner. The only thing is that my girlfriend is a huge Stargate fan (and I mean huge), and she rarely plays video games, so Stargate Worlds could be my opportunity to turn her to the dark side. Its a dream of mine to be playing an MMORPG side by side with her, so Stargate Worlds will definitely have some weight behind it at 'money time'. As a younger nerd, I was a big Warhammer fan (still am) and an MMORPG of my second favorite fantasy universe would be awesome!! Warhammer Online has a lot of potential and if the game is well built, it will definitely make my decision harder.

All three games have different release dates, some later than others, so my decision may be made for me depending on which gets released first... although often its a good idea to hold off buying any new release MMO for a while, to read reviews and let major patches through... I can see this is going to be a hard decision, but one I'm looking forward to ;)

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