Thursday, August 21, 2008

Guild Wars - Nice to haves:

I've been playing Guild Wars for a very long time and although I absolutely love the game, there are I few changes and additions I can think of that would make it better. These ideas are in no way trying to convert GW into WoW or WAR or any other MMORPG. I've also tried to think as ArenaNet would, so that there would be a high chance of these changes actually happening. Here they are:

  • More storage tabs: Scott even suggested ArenaNet provide purchasable tabs for the Xunlai Storage Chest. I would happily pay for more, as long as the price was right ;)
  • Stackable inscriptions / insignias / runes / mods etc: This would also help out toward the storage problem.
  • Party formations: It would be great if you could choose the formation of your party when soloing with heroes and henchies. It would allow you to keep the squishier types at the back or in the center of a circle or something. Similar to how it was done in Baldur's Gate 2.
  • Hero AI script editor: This would allow you to write the AI for your heroes. It would make them ideal team mates and stop them from doing a lot of stupid things.
  • Hyperlink items in the trade chat: I've given up hope of an Auction House, but it would be handy if you could ctrl + click the item you want to sell and it place a hyperlink to itself in the trade channel. When a buyer clicks the hyperlink, it shows them the item. There would then be an immediate option to buy it from the seller without needing to run up and trade with them. This would definitely improve the current trading system.
  • More than one pet: Allow Rangers to keep more than one pet. They can swap them around by talking to an animal tamer or something.
  • Even out the amount of skills: Not all classes have the same amount of skills. The Dervish and Paragon have the least of them all. ArenaNet should throw in a few new boss types to the old Prophecies Campaign so that the newer classes have the same amount of elites as the older ones. It's only fair.
  • Hair-cuts: I'd love to be able to go to a hairdresser or barber in-game and change my character's hair colour and style. There is nothing worse than being stuck with the same hair-do for all eternity - lol ;)
  • Smart RA pairing: There needs to be some smarts that works out your current PvP skill level (based of your gladiator rank or something) and pairs you with and against others of the same skill level. It would also be nice if each team was given one healer.
  • PvP item registration: PvE characters should be made to register their weapons for PvP before being able to take them into the arena. You would only need to register them once (unless you changed the mods). It would stop people from bringing sub-par weapons and armour into PvP arenas. It would also open up the possibility of PvE only weapons and armour.
  • Statistics table: I'd like to be able to look at a table of statistics for the PvP game that I'm playing and see exactly who is doing the most damage / kills / healing etc. There could even be a stat for damage prevented and energy lost / stolen.
  • More game types: It would be nice to have more variety in the PvP game types. Things like 'capture the flag' and 'king of the kill'.
  • Mini-pet battles: This would be nuts! No idea how it would work, but I'm sure ArenaNet could think of some kind of mini-game that would involve fighting with your mini-pets. You could even train them against some of your other mini-pets.
Some of these are minor changes and some major. I definitely think they would all be doable. Since I don't know anyone from ArenaNet that reads my blog, the chances of these changes actually happening are almost zero, but it's nice to dream =P


Anonymous said...

All sounds good to me. Some of it would be easier than others, but its almost all stuff I've thought 'Why doesn't it have X'

I guess GW2 is where all the effort is these days - hopefully some of it will make in to that.

Thallian said...

if they do I'll be gettign it ;)

Elementalistly said...

I agree with Van. This has the ring of MMO features, and as such, I hope new features in GW2 make themselves know.

Auction House - A biggie
Styles - More ways to look unique
Linkable items in chat
More chat features (like a /who for people, see a skill template, etc)

I could write for hours on what I would like to see.
GW is long in the tooth. But, thank God, I left for a while and came back now, as the dregs of current MMO's just are not fun, and this hopefully will tide me over until something "interesting" happens in MMO world.

Crimson Starfire said...

Yeah I could probably write a thesis on things I'd like to see. I should become a games designer ;) Hello 38 Studios... HELLO...

I know what you mean when you say you are waiting for something "interesting" to happen in the MMO world. I was at that stage a year or so ago. Thats when I found PvP... It just has enough randomness about it to keep me interested.

Melf_Himself said...

They introduced King of the Hill in HA a few months ago, and relic runs (aka CTF) have always been a part of it. There was also some CTF in the form of snowball fights.... good times.

I'd definitely like to see them in more accessible arenas though.

And pretty much everything else you said too. I nominate crimson for president.

Tesh said...

*nods his head*

Ranger pet stables (to allow for more than one pet) would be brilliant.

Is it strange that the other thing that captured my imagination was the minipet battle idea? I can't shake the Pokemon feel... and I kinda like that.

Ash said...

Hi I have just found your blog and have been quite enjoying it. I was just browsing around and noticed this entry that amused me as several of these changes have since been made especially in the PvE.

Great blog BTW keep it up, GW is awsome!

Crimson Starfire said...

Hi Ashley,

Cheers for bringing my attention back to this post. I really should read back over my posts more often. I think it's funny that ArenaNet have since implemented three of the six PvE suggestions I made. Maybe someone heard me, or maybe everyone wanted it enough that it seemed silly not to implement them. Either way, I'm glad they did.

Thanks for the compliment, and yes GW is awesome!