Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Questions for when the WAR NDA drops:

Although I'm not a huge fan of playing beta's, I have to admit that I have been rather jealous of the few who have been in the closed beta for WAR. I haven't actually played the game, but I just know that it is going to be awesome (its the hype talking now). Since I won't be playing in the open beta, I have a few questions to anyone that can answer them once the NDA drops (supposedly in a few hours):
  1. Can you respec your character cheaply and often? Do you even need to?
  2. How does in game trading happen? Is there an auction house thingy, or do you have to spam the trade channel?
  3. Can players from opposing factions communicate with each other? (e.g you couldn't in WoW because text was obfuscated between factions)
  4. How fast can you reach the level cap? Was it achievable during the beta period?
  5. What sort of mini-games are there?
  6. I know that there is RvR, but is there any small scale PvP arenas? (ie. 2v2, 4v4, 6v6 etc..)
  7. How do you move around the map quickly? Are there portals (or similar) or is it another World of Walk-a-lot?
  8. When you add someone to your friends list, does it show them online for all their characters or just the one you added to the list? (Guild Wars vs WoW friends lists)
  9. Is ganking a problem in PvP areas, or can I actually complete a quest without have my ass handed to me?
  10. Were there any problems with frame rates or lag during the big RvR battles?
Thank you to anyone who can answer these questions for me. If I find the answers myself, I'll post them in the comments.


Elementalistly said...

Well, I have been looking around at all the NDA drop info, but so far, it is all like this

"Kinda like WoW"

Too much noise I feel. I would like some of those questions answered.
I got one answered for me, and it was the "Map". Why have a map that covers your whole screen for travel..I hate it.
Look at Age of Conan (which right now has the BEST map of any game)
Guild Wars (with the "Mission" map)
And here is WAR...whole screen...like LOTRO...UGLY!

Good luck on your questions (I would take them and copy them onto Keen and Graevs site in comments and hope you get an answer)

Crimson Starfire said...

Good idea, I'll try that now. Keen has already answered two of the questions in his first impressions article. He suggested that leveling was 1.5 times longer than WoW, which means reaching the level cap of 40 will be the same as reaching the level cap of 60 in old school WoW. Keen also mentioned that lag and frame rates weren't really a problem, which is good to hear.

Elementalistly said...

I just read at Tobolds today that some server lag concerns have cropped up since opening up a little.
Wonder if more people is causing issues?
But, he does mention new servers and hardware for launch.

My big issue still is it does not "look" that good. Slow sluggish combat, sound effects are wonky.
I hope to see BETTER video or screenshots soon.

Crimson Starfire said...

You don't sound too convinced on this game?

Mythic had me at "An MMORPG designed for PvP". If you're a little unsure, it might be worth holding off for the first few months until all the bug fixes and exploits are ironed out. I wouldn't base your decision off the closed beta reviews though.

Crimson Starfire said...

Keen has graciously answered all my questions in comment #45 of this article. Here is the low down:

1. Yes you can respec - Costs have fluctuated dury beta. It’s moderately expensive.
2. You can trade in person or use the auction house however the AH is not currently working in-game.
3. Players of opposing factions can not, in any way, communicate.
5. None that I have found, unless you consider Scenarios to be mini-games which in all reality they are not.
6. There are no arenas that I have found, but there are smaller scenarios such as 12v12.
7. Travel is fairly quick. Warcamps have flight masters where you can fly to any other warcamp in the game instantly. There are also guild hall recall scrolls so you can TP back to your guild hall.
8. As far as I have been able to tell it’s only the one character you added that appears on the friends list and not all their chars.
9. I have never once been “ganked”. The only times I’ve been attacked or ambushed have been when I’m out looking for a fight. This game is sooooo anti-gank.

I'm pretty happy with those answers. Especially about the quick travel and auction house.