Saturday, August 23, 2008

Survivor Title upset...

It finally happened... I died. My quest for rank 3 survivor on my Guild Wars Warrior has come to an unexpected end. Falling short of the target 1,337,500 XP mark by 538,500 XP or so. The strangest thing about this whole predicament is that I have no idea how I died. No joke, I never actually died while playing the character. For some strange and seriously disappointing reason, I just logged in one day and found I had 1 death registered against my character. I'm not making this up, my character had literally died whilst I was logged out. When I first realized, I felt like crying. I had been working so hard not to die, and the game had somehow killed me without me even knowing about it.

The possible scenarios that could have caused this strange phenomenon are:
  • Some kind of bug in the game designed to piss me off (I've encountered them before).
  • A connection error or lag.
  • Someone else has been playing my account (no other signs point to this).
  • Ninja-pirate-aliens
I think the most likely cause would have been lag (my greatest nemesis). In which case, I will be hiring some ninja-pirate-aliens to pay Mr Lag a visit, because I am seriously pissed off. So much hard work down the drain...

Why Balthazar...why????

If I had of died legitimately I would have accepted it with honor. This is just upsetting. Nothing I can do now except curse ArenaNet, my ISP and my bad luck.

Not happy.


Talyn said...

Ack! That royally sucks man!

You going to keep the warrior or permadeath him and start another attempt at Survivor?

Crimson Starfire said...

Nah, I'll be keeping her. I've already customized a bunch of awesome weapons for her, so it would seem like a waste. I've kind of lost all motivation to keep playing her though.

Given that WAR is so close, I doubt that I will have time to level another survivor. It might be on the cards but only if WAR turns out to be no good (for me).

I must admit, attempting to get rank 3 survivor was extremely fun and challenging. It's why I'm so upset about this whole schemozzle. My fun has come to an end... :(

Anonymous said...

My money is on those ninja-pirate-aliens. Stupid f**kers always ruining everything...

Elementalistly said...

Sorry to hear about this.
I wonder about these titles sometimes.
I supposedly have lost 50 games of chance...
What does THAT mean? I have no explanation (unless I resort to wiki or google I assume)
Bizarre stuff and weird goings on's.

The "Truth is out there" Scully

Crimson Starfire said...

The only thing that can beat a ninja-pirate-alien, is a ninja-pirate-alien-jedi. Naturally these are pretty hard to come by.

That's odd, your making more sense than ever =P