Friday, February 27, 2009

Sixth screenshot

Well, I have been tagged by mbp to post my 6th screenshot from a game of my choosing. For interest, I have traced the lineage of this meme as follows:

mbp was begat by Zoso, who was begat by Ysharros, who was begat by spinks, who was begat by Tarsus. This is where it gets confusing. Tarsus was tagged by 3 people.

On the one hand we have the Snark Sisters, who were in turn begat by Siha. Siha was begat by both Bellwether and spicytuna, both of whom were begat by Megan, who was begat by Euripedes, who deigned to declare who he was begat by, perhaps attempting to steal credit as the grand master vampire who rules us all. So, that's a dead end.

On the other hand, we have Yakra, who was begat by Darraxus, who was begat by wtfspaghetti, who was begat by frost is the new black, who was begat by maiara, who was begat by NON-GAMER crazy german lady, who I assume started the whole thing.

Finally, Tarsus was also begat (don't ask me how you can be begat by 3 people, I told you, it's complicated) by George, who was begat by Namthe, who was begat by vads, who was begat by Yakra, who... wait a minute, Yakra begat Tarsus and also several generations above Tarsus, implying that Yakra had some inappropriate relations with their descendants at some point. Disgraceful.

Anyway, so my screenshot is from Warhammer Online. I would have had a choice Guild Wars screenshot I'm sure, but those are on my laptop which has been demoted to living at work now. Anyway, this screenshot depicts me pwning it up in good ol' Tor Anroc with a collection of fun AoE skills. This was before I got sick of playing Tor Anroc for the 1000th time and unsubscribed. Note that I could not totally erase everyone's names without partially obscuring teh awesome damage numbers, ah well.

I have also chosen to include a completely unrelated screenshot from Left 4 Dead, because it demonstrates how pro I am and how you should all bow down before the might of my e-peen right now. This is on No Mercy Chapter 4, where the survivors ascend to the roof in an elevator. Just before the elevator doors close, there is a 1 in a million opportunity whereby a sneaky smoker can grab one survivor, and since there is no way to re-open the elevator doors, nobody can go back for him. Anyway, here I am as a smoker after having pulled off just such a shot (note the lack of an elevator in the doorway). True, I pulled it off on a bot character who is a little stupider and hangs around in the doorway of the elevator too long, however, I can assure you I am still quite teh leet.

Anyway, now I must tag some people. It is very difficult to pick from my unbelievably long list of readers but I have narrowed it down to a lucky few. Apologies if you've been tagged already, but as you can see above it's hard to keep track of these things!

Pete S


mbp said...

What a wonderful bloglical geneology Melf. I am impressed. Impressed too by your leet L4D skills. I really need to get the hang of infected play so I can enjoy versus mode.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about all this begatting, I always thought I was an antediluvian personally (though that does mean I'd have been begat as well). It also makes Spinks a... I forget the word, and it's scary, so I won't go there.

Fear the Undying Grudge Sisters.

Couple of those have been tagged, I think.

And at least you're not cutting loose with the meme hate. What's with all the meme hate? DOn't like it... don't do it. Not exactly difficult. Methinks some of these ladies do protest rather too much.

Tesh said...

This is all your fault, Melf. Well, sort of. Actually, it's my fault, but I'm blaming you because I can. "He started it!"

I take no responsibility for those who mutate the strain further.

Tesh said...

Hm... let's try this:

Six Shooter

Anonymous said...

You seem to keepo better track of this than I ever would :)

Out of the country due to work now, but will see what I can dig up when I get back home this weekend.