Friday, October 23, 2009

AFK Over!

Would you believe that I haven't posted in over 3 months! If you were wondering why (or you never noticed until now, but still want to know why), I've been traveling around Europe with a few of my mates for a few months. It's been a hell of a trip and for the most of it I didn't have access to a computer, nor did I want it. Hence the no posting or game playing. I saw many great cities and land marks in my travels, and had a tonne of fun doing it. My itinerary looked something like this:

London -> Madrid -> Barcelona -> Paris -> Bruges -> Amsterdam -> Berlin -> Prague -> Vienna -> Munich -> Venice -> Rome.

I really wanted to cover Ireland, Scotland and Northern Europe (Denmark, Sweeden, Finland etc), but there just wasn't time.

The highlight of the trip was definitely Oktoberfest in Munich. I was there for 5 days, with a best effort of 8 steins in one day. I still can't believe how many people there were in one place drinking beer. If you haven't been, then I suggest you make plans to go (assuming you like beer, and even if you don't).

My favourite city was a tie between Amsterdam and Berlin. Amsterdam had a few things to offer that would normally be considered illegal (++), but the beer was expensive (-). Berlin had the best pubs/clubs and party atmosphere (although I'm sure Dublin would have been a winner had I of made it there). The best beer I had was in Belgium and was called 'Strasse Hendrik', although Germany definitely had some close seconds. Best land mark went to Rome for the Colosseum. You have to see it to believe it.

All in all, I've had a wonderful time and was glad to completely put computers out of my life for 2.5 months, but now that I'm back, it's back to business! :) Melf has informed me that Aion is worth a look, but he hasn't made up his mind on the PvP yet. I downloaded it last Sunday and have a level 13 Cleric. My early thoughts are that Aion is blatant diku based MMO that makes no attempt to conceal the kill ten rats side of things. Unless the PvP is good, I can't see myself sticking around for any more than a month. Graphics are gorgeous though (I'm sure you've heard the same thing from 50+ sources). Moving on..

In other news Guild Wars released an update today that has my attention. A new type of PvP mode called Codex Arena, which sounds like the game designers from ArenaNet have their heads screwed on right (as usual). I'll post some thoughts once I give it run.

Good to be back ;)


Ysharros said...

Welcome back! That sounds like a hell of a trip, and I have to second the goodness of Belgian beer.

mbp said...

Welcome back Crimson. Sounds like you had a great trip. Shame you couldn't get to Dublin but never mind I will headd to my local and down a Guinness in your honour.

One gaming thing that happened in your absence that is worth checking out is the newly freetoplayed Dungeons and Dragons online. I have only stuck my toe in the water but it reminds me strongly of Guild Wars.

Thallian said...

Now THAT's and epic journey. Did it all by train? I second the motion for DDO. It's worth a look-see.

Chappo said...

Pictures! And welcome back :D

Crimson Starfire said...

I was actually only in Belgium for less than a day, but I loved the beer so much that I managed to squeeze 9 pints in. Next time I travel, I'll be spending at least a week there.

Mate, I really wish now that I had of made it Ireland. My mates went to Dublin shortly after I left and said they had a ball. I love my beer, and Ireland has an excellent reputation for their pubs. Sadly it will have to wait until next trip :(

As for DDO, I'm a huge fan of DnD. I play tabletop once a fortnight with family and friends. I actually played DDO before it was made free and rather liked it. The reason I stopped played was because it didn't feeling like a 'story', but rather a series of raiding grind fests. When I DM my tabletop games, I always try to engage the audience and put their minds into their characters within an epic story. I didn't get that feeling at all with DDO. I might give it another try once my Aion sub finishes.

I actually paid for a 2 month unlimited bus ticket. I could get on and off the bus whenever I wanted. Worked out really well. Cost $900 AU.

I want to post pics, but they all have my ugly mug in them ;) I'll see what I can do...

Sente said...

Welcome back!

Sounds like a great trip! Belgian beer is definitely worth sampling and they have lots of variations there.

And some time later when it gets cold down under is a good time to visit Northern Europe - summertime is a great time to visit here.

Rich said...

rome is funny, because the place is kind of a dump. there's graffiti everywhere, and you realize when you get home that all the postcards ct off street level to obscure it ;)

nice trip tho!

Crimson Starfire said...

I remember reading somewhere that you hailed from the North of Europe. Can't remember exactly where. Would be a nice place to visit.

...and yes Belgium beer is teh bomb!

Rome seemed ok when I was there, but I didn't really stray off the tourist path. Two of mates got pick pocketed in the subway though. You don't want to ride those trains alone at night...

Tesh said...

Welcome back! Good to see that you had a good time and didn't run afoul of anything too troublesome. I *did* wonder where you'd been off to. Glad to see it was something bigger and better than blogging. ;)