Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making peace with the Diku

Paying $15 US a month to grind endless hours away on repetitive tasks to gain minor virtual advancement, sound tempting to you?

After playing WoW for 6 months, I swore I would never go back to a Diku MMO. Oddly I played WAR for a month and am now playing Aion. What the hell dude??

The answer is simple:
  • I knew there would be boring grind
  • I knew that it would take a good 2-4 months to get anywhere in the game
  • I knew it would cost me an ongoing subscription fee
.. and I didn't care.

All I wanted was to submerge my mind in a fantasy universe and brain out for a couple of hours a night. Maybe even get a dopamine fix here and there.

My expectations for Aion were low. For a Diku MMO that has only just been released, I was pleasantly surprised. The game has very few bugs, looks gorgeous and has relatively smooth combat. My only complaints are that the servers are based somewhere light years from Australia providing me with a 700+ ping. When they say 'Oceanic server', it would be nice if they actually put the server in Australia!

Anywayz, my point is that the world is going to keep serving up diku MMO type WoW clones. You can spend your gaming life slagging them for bad design, or you can enjoy them for the masterpieces of art that they actually are. So it's time to suck it up and make peace with the Diku. For now...

...grumble... subscription fee... grumble...

...grumble, when is GW2 out? grumble...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel your pain! If Aion were a PvE-centered game, I might have slogged through it in the same way for the same reasons you cite, but as it is I have to pass.

I can only cross my fingers for the upcoming beta of Allods Online to be decent, since it's at least free to play.... at least until GW2 finally comes out.

evizaer said...

If you enjoy meditation and feel that Aion is the best way to do it, enjoy.

I have single-player games like Torchlight that provide me with a lot more meditative fun and nowhere near the frustration and boredom.

Tesh said...

Every once in a while, I get the itch to prowl Azeroth, even though I have serious issues with the game and the business model. That's what free trials are for. ;)

Chappo said...

Dude, I'm one step ahead of you...F2P MMOs are the most generic grinding blehness and they are free!

Crimson Starfire said...

Seems like all the games I play lately are 'just until GW2 comes out'. Wish it would hurry up and come out, because I'm churning through games at an alarming rate.

Great article. I left a comment on it. I do enjoy my MMO meditation, but I prefer to be constantly challenged. I soon as something decent comes out, goodbye Aion...

He he, yeah... Diku's lost their fun for me long ago. Sometimes it's good to go back down memory lane for a month or so. Not sure I would ever go back to WoW though. Well maybe when I'm old and retired...

Well said ;)

I know. I'm on the F2P bandwagon as well. I wasn't really interested in RoM though. I might jump back into DDO after I finish up with Aion.