Monday, April 21, 2008

Glad points a plenty

Double Arena Point Weekend has just finished (Guild Wars), which meant double Balthazar Faction and Gladiator Points in RA and TA. I racked up an impressive 48 glad points form 14 hours of play.

This was achieved by hooking up with a guild mate and spike entering into RA (Polish district) to team up and score some easy Glad Points. The spike enter works by co-ordinating over vent and pressing enter 2 seconds before 'mission start'. This worked rather well in Polish district because we were usually the only ones in there, which almost guaranteed being placed on the same team. We both took turns at monking, to varying effect, but the majority of the wins came from playing damage classes.

When changing districts, we discovered that it was now possible to travel to Korean districts, which were previously banned. Jackpot!! Korean RA is a completely different game from American RA. For one, the majority of players are extremely good and two, if you don't get a monk in your team first go everyone does a spike resign (which is almost unheard of in US RA). Since the standard of play is a lot higher, when you get a good team (very common) you often go far. So playing through Korean RA accounted for around 30 of my total glad points for the weekend.

I found the most effect build was a stock standard lightning Ele:

Build code: OgBDgcOMTcDLglDhNgVkChDCAA

Using a fast cast lightning staff and enchant mod sword quick swap for casting the enchantments:

I find the fast cast staff assists the most in spikes, plus the HSR 20% makes for good DPS. Glyph of Restoration when used with Lightning Orb and Lightning Hammer heals you for almost 300 health with 13 in energy storage, which takes pressure off the monks.

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