Friday, April 25, 2008

Survivor Title – Getting there

For three weeks now I've been slowly working on getting my survivor title for a newly created Warrior (guild wars). At first I thought the task was an awesome challenge, and I was really enjoying the concentration and skill required to complete missions and quests without dying. It kinda took me back to the good old days of playing a 'Hardcore' Diablo 2 character, where by if you died, you lost the character. Obtaining rank 1 in the survivor title is not all that difficult if you are an experienced guild wars gamer, however obtaining rank 3, is a long and arduous task, which has me thinking, is this really worth it?

Naturally I've done my research and will be attempting to obtain my rank 3 survivor title by continuous Killroy Jenkins runs with scrolls on hard mode, but I'm only half way to rank 2 and I've already lost interest. Each run takes around 20 mins (including selling pick ups) and collects about 35K XP with scrolls, which means I need to do another 29 or so (approx 10 hours) worth of grinding to get my rank three (1337,500 XP). I guess when you compare this to some of the other titles, 10 hours to max out a rank is a good deal. Its just the repetitive grinding that I'm not looking forward to, especially given that I left playing WoW for that very reason. I could always veto the Killroy runs and get the XP by doing missions and quests, but that would only prolong getting the title and increase the risk of dying. Sigh.

The up side that given the difficulty/boringness of obtaining rank 3 survivor, there aren't a lot of people who have it. Which makes the title worth a lot more. Plus since ArenaNet has said its ok to use G15 and G11 keyboard macro's I've set up a macro that spams the 8 key (stand up), which makes it near impossible to die during the Killroy runs. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able post that I have my rank 3 survivor title soon :)

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