Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guild Wars - Awesome Looking Armour

Every so often when playing Guild Wars, I come across a character that looks absolutely nuts. Their armour simply works with their character and the weapons they are holding. These awesome looking characters are rarer than you may think, and so I've decided to post screen captures of those which I think look the most leet. Here they are:

Female Warrior wearing and Elite Gladiator chest piece and gloves, Vabbian leggings and Obsidian boots, all dyed black:

Female Monk wearing an Obsidian chest piece and boots, Wanderer's leggings, Chaos gloves and a Bandana, all dyed black (except the bandana and gloves):

Female Warrior wearing a complete set of Primeval armour dyed silver. Of special note is how well the shield and sword combo work with the armour:

I know theres a bit of a female theme going on, but hey, I haven't seen any good looking males yet ;)

I'll post more of these awesome armour pictures as I find them.


Anonymous said...

I'm still a big fan of the old school fluro pink/green dyed starter warrior armor from back when I was playing GW :P

kevve900 said...

That sword, which one is that? :O