Friday, April 25, 2008

Mesmer Build: Cheeky Thief

This PvP build is a lot of fun to play and doesn't require a lot of skill to get right:

Template code: OQNDAcwzMCVTYUoCgBzgWAdC

Fast Casting: 13 (12+1)
Illusion Magic: 16 (12+4)
Inspiration Magic: 3
Signet of Illusions [Elite] (Illusion Magic)
Arcane Larceny (Domination Magic)
Arcane Thievery (Domination Magic)
Inspired Enchantment (Inspiration Magic)
Revealed Enchantment (Inspiration Magic)
Revealed Hex (Inspiration Magic)
Inspired Hex (Inspiration Magic)
Restore Life (Healing Prayers)

You just cast Signet of Illusions and then what ever spells you like. Don't forget to use Signet of Illusions before casting Arcane Thievery/Larceny or else you will only steal the spells for 7 seconds. The best part about this build is that you can alter your strategy depending on the kind of team you're facing. For example if are facing a heavy damage team, you can steal spells off their monk and use them to heal your monk, or if you are facing a team with little healing, you can steal spells off the elementalist or other damage casters and send them back at them. The trick is to know what strategy to use and when. A good little trick when fighting on priest levels is to steal the priest's heal area. Since he will be unable to heal himself, you can just wand him down. The other bonus is that you act as a form of hex removal, which greatly assists any monk under pressure. The hard res is also a big bonus (dont forget Signet of Illusions first).

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